Sunday, 24 June 2012

Friendship Card

This is another wonderful design from Ann's Paper Art a435.
I was asked to create a card in the colours of blue and green.
The Hydrangea decoupage is a Mariekes Design #2376,
I thought that it fitted in very well with the colour scheme.
I then posted this lovely card of to José.
José was the lucky person that asked me to stitch this pattern,
 but was unaware that I was also going to send it to her.


  1. Indeed I didn't know that and I was very suprised to find this beautiful card in the mail. Thank you so much Sharon. Your card is wonderful!!!


  2. hi there Sharon, I cannot believe only one other person has commented on this card, one day soon if it okay with you would like to promote your blog on mine- if not okay please let me know - have just contacted you via facebook.. would be subtle and just letting others know about your very lovely cards - simply adore the colours in this card and it is so simple but exquisite, love Shaz.x


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