Friday, 3 October 2014

Spring is here!!

Today I thought that I would share with you all a picture of 2 juvenile King Parrots.
They are busy feeding from a Alexandra Palm not far from our back door.
At the moment the garden is a birds paradise with all of the flowers out.

Last year we built a arbour and planted the "Thunbergia Mysorensis" common name is "Lady Slipper Vine" The flowers are magnificent. The arbour is nearly all covered with this beautiful vine.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at the photo's.

Thank-you for coming by and having a look.


  1. Sharon it must be amazing seeing those beautiful parrots feeding in your garden.
    Thanks for sharing the photos with us all.


  2. Sharon, those parrots are so lovely, I am amazed at your arbour, the vine has grown so beautifully, you must be so pleased with all your hard work, it really was worth it, well done.

    Hugs Sue xx

  3. Thank you dear Sharon for the nice wishes.
    Ein traumhaft schönes Paradies mit herrlichen Bewohnern (Papageien).
    Alles Gute für sie und liebe Grüsse von Bea

  4. Lovely of course! we are so blessed with our flora and fauna in Oz.. who would live anywhere else?? :D Shaz.xx


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